Offshore/Onshore Drilling

Refurbishing and upgrading both land and offshore rigs is a significant part of our core business worldwide. Since 2004, the amount of refurbishing activity has increased due to rising demand in the Gulf and throughout the world.

In recent years, Selective Marine Services has managed several rig refits on jack-up rigs for which it also had management drilling contracts. We have successfully completed refurbishment projects like Noah’s Ark and Teras Titanium in the UAE, on time and within budget. All of these rigs are currently active.

SMS upgrade virtually all rig components. Common upgrades include:

  • Refurbishment of drilling equipment
  • Overhaul of complete rig
  • BOP handling solutions
  • Modifications to increase rig capacity
  • TD upgrades
  • Replacement masts and substructures
  • Mud systems & high-pressure piping
  • Rig moving systems
  • Spare parts